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Annaliese Annaliese - Tri Coach -

When I moved back to Ulverston in 2015 I immediately joined UTC. I’d done a number of swimming, running and cycling events but I’d never done a triathlon. The club members and coaches were really supportive and welcoming and I always enjoy the training sessions. I’d previously coached skiing and rowing so when the opportunity to coach triathlon arose I jumped at the chance. I love seeing people progress and particularly enjoy the technical side of coaching where you can see an instant improvement in performance.

Becca Becca - Tri Coach -

Triathlon is a family affair for me, my Dad having helped set up the club. I have been around from the beginning and it's great to see the club go from strength to strength. I wanted to start coaching to help encourage beginners and novices to come to training sessions, because I believe that triathlon is for everybody not just for the experience.

I love UTC because it's like a little community and we all help and support each other!

Roger Roger - Tri Coach -

Got into Tri because I was asked the magic question by a member of UTC. Having previously coached rugby union, thought it seemed like a good idea to get back into coaching having completed both Personal Training and Sports Massage qualifications recently.

Having met some of the UTC members and spent some time watching Tri, I thought it was a good idea to get back into coaching so... here I am.

Ian Ian - Swim Coach -

Hello I’m Ian, a simple Lancashire lad born in Blackburn. Cruciate ligament replacement * 3 got me into triathlon (rehab). I coach for selfish reasons; the fantastic feeling inside when people look like they are having a good time at one of my swimming sessions…………..Recent favourite quote ‘are you able to be taught as well as teach?’

Macca Macca - Tri Coach -

I got into triathlon after completing Cockermouth Tri way back in 2001.

UTC is close to my heart after helping set up the club. Being part of the club and seeing how it has developed is amazing.

Coaching is awesome as we see and affect the development of athletes first hand…it's really rewarding!

Tom Tom - Tri Coach -

After coming from a running background a few years ago I decided that triathlon looked fun and entered the Ulverston triathlon and was  soon hooked on the sport.  Once the idea of a Tri club in Ulverston was discussed I joined straight away and became the club treasurer. 

The rapid start to the club meant we needed coaches and I completed my level 1 coaching course in Shefield along with Macca and Chris before later completing my Level 2 course. 

Over the years I have focused mainly on coaching the running side of triathlon and many of you know my love of a good hill rep session. 

Steve Steve - Tri Coach -

When I started triathlon it was with UTC. My background was road biking and running, only more social than racing. I wouldn't say I was nervous; more apprehensive. I had never been into swimming and knew it would be the biggest challenge, but all the coaches were and are brilliant! I got in to coaching first and foremost because of the club. The coaches and members are really friendly and encouraging and there are no cliques. 

Ren Ren - Fitness and Swim Coach -

I had always wanted to Try a Tri. My husband spotted an off road triathlon and I was hooked as mountain bike races were getting fewer and fewer.

I became a coach because I love life in sport; it's so much more than the exercise, it lets you gain confidence with what life throws at you. Being taught to jump a mountain bike gave me so much confidence and I’ve met so many ace folk along the way. I wanted to give back to the club as my skills never came easily which has given me an empathy for others. I want to help members and see them aspire to their dreams.  I love understanding the mechanisms and techniques, and passing it on.

I have made so great friends through UTC and have been given opportunities to swim and be believed in to represent Team GB; a dream I had back in the 80s when Seb Coe and Daley Thompson were running.

Helen Helen - Swim Coach -
Al Al - Tri Coach -
Vicky Vicky - Spin Coach -
Josh Josh - Tri Coach -
Julie Julie - Tri Coach -
Euan Euan - Tri Coach -
Darren Darren - Tri Coach -
Kristina Kristina - Swim Coach -
Carl Carl - Tri Coach -
Ben Ben - Tri Coach -

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