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19:00-20:00 @ Furness Academy Track

19:00-20:00 @ Ulverston Leisure Centre


Brick Sessions @ Various meeting points
















Ad Hoc

Brick Sessions @ Various meeting points



Run Guidelines

  • UTC encourage their members to become members of Triathlon England as this gives them many benefits including liability insurance.
  • Anybody who attends our track or road running sessions does so at their own risk.
  • Every effort will be made by the coaches to ensure a safe run and their advice and guidelines are there to help you, however, this does not make them liable for anything that happens on the road or at the track. Individuals are responsible for their own safety.
  • Please bring hydration and an extra layer for warm up/cool down. If you are an experienced track runner and own spikes you are welcome to use these at the track, however, most club members will use standard trainers.
  • Please obey the Highway Code when on the road and be courteous to other road and track users. If you stop on the track please move off the track immediately to avoid other runners.
  • We are a triathlon club and our running sessions cater for all abilities but they are intended to make you sweat and get out of breath.
  • For Brick Sessions please also see Cycling Guidelines.

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