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Entering events as soon as possible can help with the motivation to get out the door and put the hard work in that's required, especially over the winter months. You need to put in the hours so you can perform at your best come race day. If you just want to enjoy the atmosphere and scenery during the race that’s fine but if you want to perform at your optimal level, more thought is needed.

Normally you would have one or two particular races that you are specifically targeting to do well at, whether it’s your first open water triathlon or a race your best friend is also competing in. These races should be viewed as your 'A races', with other races falling into the 'B race' and 'C race' categories. C races are fun or training races, and should be viewed that way. A local park run or duathlon should not require the need to adjust training around them. Just rock up, do your best and don’t dwell on the performance too much. B races may need more preparation and are a good time to practice pacing and fuelling strategies in a race environment. A day or two of easy training days before hand will enable you to push and race hard but should not have a negative impact on the long term training load. ‘A’ races however, should only be scheduled once or twice a year and will require a more structured approach in terms of mental and physical preparation.

A specific tapering period will usually be required to ensure the fatigue levels from training are reduced, enabling fitness levels to increase in time for the race. The taper will vary depending on the athlete and race distance but a reduction in volume over a period of 1-2 weeks whilst maintaining intensity should have you toeing the start line fresh and eager to race hard!

The point should be stressed that not every race during the season should be approached with the same mindset to try and perform at your peak and training needs to be planned in advance to meet the demands of the races we are competing in.

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